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Anyone can have one.. but this one, is for U

UFloss is not your typical “box” floss. UFloss is custom-fit for your unique dental pattern. UFloss provides more comfort and efficient cleaning than any other product on the market.

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How UFloss works

Designed with U in mind

A BeaUtiful beginning

Smiles! We all love them! From family and friends, to people passing by, smiles are the most genuine gift a person can give.
Through research we discovered that the greatest contributing factor to tooth loss and decay was (you guessed it!) lack of flossing.
After witnessing my parents experience tooth loss of their own, I knew UFloss was the key to saving and salvaging smiles.

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How It Works

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    With our UFit system you’ll receive your custom UFloss fit.

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    Start Flossin'

    Your UFloss refills will arrive at your doorstep

From Us to U

UFloss, Inc. is a first of its kind Transformative Self Care company. Our mission is to empower everyone to enhance their oral hygiene. As a team, we have committed our collective expertise and passions within technology, innovation and user experience to bring you quality products. Customization and efficiency are the foundation for UFloss. Founded in 2016 by Calvin Mason, Bonna Kem and Renee Coke, UFloss is dedicated in our mission to save smiles and bring delight to pearly whites – all across the globe.

UFloss is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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